Add a pop of colour to your room with these new Polyhedra shapes

If you need to add a bright modern touch to your room, we may just have the answer for you!  Adelaide based designer Kyrie Kohlhagen of sustainable stationery design firm Messagemark, has just released the Polyhedra garland. For those of you new to this word (my hand’s up), it refers to three dimensional geometric shapes.  Kyrie has fused these mathematical concepts with origami folding techniques and voila – the polyhedra garland is born.

Messagemark, hexagon, bunting

Printed  on 100% post consumer recycled paper, the DIY kit come with instructions on how to fold and cut out each template, to form 16 different polyhedra shapes – Then what you do with them is up to you! You can string them together to form a garland to dress up a plain corner or drape over a mantle, use as singles strategically dotted  around your room or use as a collection artistically arranged together on a shelf.

Messagemark, hexagon, bunting

Messagemark, hexagon, bunting

At State of Green we have just got our hands on one of Kyrie’s first shipments, and I am happy to share they have hit our store TODAY!  If you want to get your hands on these beauties, please pop by the store and we will send them to you toute suite!

~~ Polyhedra Garland ~~

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