Artist Profile: Australian artist Libbet Loughnan

australian artist libbet loughnan

Fraser Island by Australian Artist Libbet Loughnan

Australian artist

by artist Libbet Loughnan

I am pleased to introduce “local” Australian artist and personal friend Libbet Loughnan.  I highlight “local” as although she is a born and bred Aussie, she is an intrepid global traveller. She rarely stays put in the one place too long. Over the past few years Libbet has pursued her artistic calling with a passion. She has exhibited her paintings in solo exhibitions locally in Geelong and Melbourne and crossed the globe to Cebu, New York City (NYC) and Mexico City. Her work has also featured in art shows and international fairs in Osaka, Germany and Italy.   I have been meaning to share her work with you for some time, but she is a hard girl to pin down! The moons finally aligned last week and we caught up just in time for the launch of her latest solo exhibition at Bridge 38 Gallery in Richmond, Victoria.

Libbet’s artwork is refreshingly personal. She draws on fond memories of her childhood, sights and experiences that have touched her in her travels, her deep appreciation of nature and of people with whom she has connected. Read on to see more of Libbet’s work, and details of when you can meet her in person later this week and chat over a wine!

Australian artist, Libbet Loughnan (right) at Gallery 38

Interactive art – move the magnetic subjects and change its perspective.

Bondi Sea Baths by libbet Loughnan

Sydney by artist Libbet Loughnan

1. When did you discover your passion for the arts?   I have always sketched and painted from when I was a kid. Back then I think I mainly had two types of paintings in my repertoire: very horrible little romantic cliched pics, and sea creatures which still captivate me. I’ve been trying to build something much more personal from it since 2013.  My passion will always be expanding.  The more I see art’s magic to simplify, re-imagine, re-engage and open doors not just for me but for anyone or topic that is too stick-in-the-mud, the more I love it.

2. How would you describe your current artistic style? How has it evolved over the years?
My style is varied as I like to explore different genres and draw on experiences from my travels. My pieces generally exhibit rich colours and dark shadows like you can see now at Bridge 38 Gallery in Richmond, Victoria. Some of the pieces explore my childhood, rich in family warmth spending time under the Australian sun. Others reflect on stories encountered across countries in my adult life, my reflection on the place of humans within nature, and portraits. My work is drawn from life. Figurative. 

I also love to paint on a far smaller scale on mini portable wood panels. I travel alot, so when I can I love to paint from the pop up studio I travel with in my suitcase.  At the moment half my pieces are commissions, many of which are portraits. I am working on three at the moment which will end up hanging in NYC, Vancouver and rural Australia. Every so often I also love to paint a large watercolor on paper, which means one chance in each layer of paint.  Two of my water colours will be shown in the Ceres Gallery of Chelsea (NYC) next month. Another artistic pursuit I enjoy is sculpture, playing with viewers from all perspectives.

portrait artist libbet loughnan

watercolour art by libbet loughnan

Blood Sisters by Libbet Loughnan

3.   Who have been your biggest influencers / mentors?  Family, friends and the surrealists.

4. What has been your biggest achievement so far?  Maybe receiving the President’s Award at the National Arts Club, NYC (March 2016) or the fully hosted Residency in Civitella, as first prize awarded by the Council of the Academia Luciana (Italy, August 2015).

5.  For all aspiring artists out there, what valuable lessons have you learned on the way?
Try to get better at expressing yourself.

6.  What do you hope to achieve with your art over the next 12 months?  I want to explore sculpture a little more. I enjoy the different aspects it attracts. Instead of looking at a painting front on I can place a sculpture right into someone’s life. There’s not just the 360 degree perspective to think of, but also the complete (theoretical) globe around the piece from which it may be viewed.  I recently exhibited sculptures “Where Two Meet / We’re Too Meat” and “Jellyfish Bling”.  The latter was suspended floating not far off the ground between two palm trees in a sculpture park in the Philippines. With it’s 6 metre wide copper circumstance and 1000 16-faceted glass beads, it could equally be re-interpreted as a striking chandelier in a dark restaurant somewhere.

Jellyfish Bling sculpture by Libbet Loughnan

Jellyfish Blong sculpture at night by Libbet Loughnan.

If you wish to get up close to view Libbet Loughnan’s art and sculpture, she is currently exhibiting at Bridge 38 Gallery in Richmond until the end of the month.  You can even meet the artist herself there this week.   The Gallery will host drinks on Thursday and Friday from 5pm -7pm, and Loughnan will also be there all open hours of Friday and Saturday.

She will also be painting in group pop-ups as part of the Surf Coast (Oct 12-13) and Bellarine Arts Trails (Melbourne Cup weekend – Nov 4-5)  later this year.

by Libbet Loughnan



38 Bridge Rd, Richmond, Victoria
TUE – FRI: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

SAT 10:00 – 3:00PM

Ends June 31.

++ Personal note from Australian Artist Libbet Loughnan: please call ahead on 0423888780 to ensure the gallery is open at above times as we do pop out to run errands occasionally and would hate to miss meeting you!


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