Channel your inner child with Philomena Kloss handcrafted toys



Are these the cutest little soft toys you have ever laid eyes on? These guys have got character, charisma, and some seem to being sporting a bit of attitude too!  Moving away from sharing news of fab furniture designers last week, today we’re zooming over to the Ukraine. Nadia and Tania of Philomena Kloss started out making these cute soft toys as a hobby for friends and family, but soon other admirers came knocking to get their hands on their Philomena Kloss family. The business has since grown to become fully fledged, featuring an expanding fox and bear family.

Growing up, my special take everywhere toy was “bunny”. Shaped like a human with a bunny head attached with big black felt eyes (not as scary as you might think!), it was a good 60cm in length and covered in vintage fabric. I loved it. For a good 20 years it was carted around in boxes as I moved from house to house. But finding it again after my daughter was born bought back such sweet memories. Today, she is as attached to it as I was. I recently even had it refurbished as the hugs, tears, and travels in suitcases over the years had left it a bit worn out!  So getting back to Philomena Floss – there is a big difference between everyday soft toys, and that very special soft toy that becomes an heirloom piece of sorts. The other softies come and go to St Vinnies (see ya Minions!), but a select few remain. I think if I had my time again (without bun buns) a Philomena Floss may well have been on the cards. But who would I chose – Oscar, Evan, Larry or Maylo? These guys are all special. Whoever you may give them too, are bound to establish quite the relationship with them.






Philomena Kloss ship all over the world, and are happy to make up their characters to order in different sizes. The standard size is a generous 42cm long, but they do come in smaller sizes too. Go check out the rage, if not for just a smile. Go channel your inner child.

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