Celebrate with a local hand crafted Xmas

Are you looking to add some natural hand crafted sustainable style to your Xmas this year? Be-gone tinsel, plastic trees and baubly ornaments.  Our local Australian makers are coming up with designs to help us add a more unique and distinct flavour to our Xmas decor. Today I am sharing some of my favourite festive finds all made by designers here in Australia.

Living by Bondi Beach and breathing in the fresh salt air has had a great effect on the team at One Two Tree Designs.   With sustainable design at the core of all that they produce, I love their festive signage and hoop pine plywood Xmas trees sourced from managed plantations in Queensland.  Whether you like the flat slat minimalist style decoration free or splayed fronds to hang handcrafted decorations, you can change the look of their flat pack tree from year to year.

xmas gumnuts

Kuber Store, Brisbane, Qld

Emily from Kuber store loves nature, and has a particular penchant for seedpods and gumnuts.  Using plaster she casts them into wall hangings and individual decorations. Perfect for your tree or to tie onto a gift.

oz decorations

Byrne Woodware, Canberra, ACT

Bringing even more Australiana Xmas flavour to your home this year is David Byrne of Byrne Woodware. Laser cut from sustainable Tasmanian Oak are koalas, platypus, kangaroos, wombats and echidnas. For a perfect compliment hang them from a eucalyptus branch, lemon scented gum or similar native flora propped in a tin bucket.

Bring on the Xmas mood with the 12 days of Xmas Clay tags by The Mouse and Me Designs. Hanging from hemp cord you can add them to a tree or tie around your homemade chutney, gingerbread or shortbread gifts.

xmas stocking

Ink and Glitter, Melbourne, Vic

Growing up Father Xmas hid my presents in a pillowcase placed either under the Xmas tree or at the end of the bed (he surprised us each year). But these handmade Xmas stockings take it to a whole new level. Penelope Thomson Of Ink and Glitter makes these sizeable socks to hang from your mantle. AT 53cm long she says they are light but sturdy, enabling them to be stuffed to the brim.


Freckles Handmade Gift, Melbourne, Vic

Xmas cracker

Pip and The Sea, Sydney, NSW

What’s Xmas without a cracker, a paper hat and a bad joke? Freckles handmade gift includes all the necessities, but if you want a more low key personalised version, Pip and the Sea cater for that too. Omitting the “crack”, there is no scaring nana or the baby on Xmas day! More-so a gift box, you can hide your own little surprise inside for guests at the table, and perhaps your own family joke too.

With Xmas fast approaching, there is no longer time to dilly dally. If you are reading this in a different corner of the globe, you can check out your local makers on Etsy’s Holiday Hub.  Happy festive season to all!

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