Lee Jae-Hyo celebrates the natural beauty of timber in his intricate designs

I love timber – the more raw in form, the better.  The various colours, grain, knots and age rings tell a story of growth, strength and resilience in nature.  More often than not, timber is cut down to a form that hardly bears the marks of the original tree.  So it was with some excitement, that I came across the intricately crafted work by Korean born artist Lee Jae-Hyo.

Retaining the visual form and beauty of timber logs, Lee Jae-Hyo painstakingly assembles and planes the crosscut logs to create beautiful and natural design pieces. You can drink in Lee Jae-Hyo’s other stunning designs at his website. Just Breathtaking.

~~ Lee Jae-Hyo ~~

via Mocoloco

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  • I love those designs and the concept in total. I think it’s a great initiative and hopefully will inspire more people to make moves in this direction.

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