Repurposed jewellery that belies its original form






Do the bangles above look familiar but you can’t quite place it? How about I give you a hint? You are kicking your heels up on a Friday or Saturday night, partaking in a few drinks with good friends.  What’s your tipple? A champagne, grey goosed vodka, bombay gin or jameson irish whisky?  Now look back at the bangles. Any lightbulb moments happening? Are you still clutching at straws?  The bangles are repurposed jewellery pieces made from empty soft drink and alcohol bottles!

reVetro is a USA based jewellery design business who have intentionally set out to repurpose products that would ordinarily be discarded, and instead capture their inherent beauty by re-creating it into another item of value.  They partner with local recyclers in their community to create sustainable products that are designed with a social consciousness.  Their jewellery range not only includes bangles, but they also use the glass to create cufflinks, rings, pendants, hanging mobiles and vases too.  Stunning luminescent emerald green bangles are created from empty bottles of Veuve Cliquot.  The aquamarine coloured Bombay Gin glass appears ice like in squared off bangles and rings, whilst others have a soft sea glass effect as a result of being tumbled.






ReVetro’s recycled creations challenge common perceptions of everyday goods we discard without a second  thought. One’s man’s trash is certainly another man’s treasure. The more we can all think outside the box and re-think ways to recycle the better.


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