Student architecture exhibition engages the senses


In an imaginative RMIT student architecture exhibition, a nest of upright poles held perfectly in tension; movable black screens with a cocoon like interior; and an adult cubby house were among the weird and wonderful installations in a Collingwood warehouse over the weekend.

The exhibition came about after students walked around the CBD asking people how they felt about architecture. After uncovering a stigma or fear associated with it, the exhibition was their attempt to break down the barriers.

RMIT architecture exhibition

“Do we need to talk?” by Floyd Billows. “A feeling of transparency is what is required to drag architectural conversation from beyond the grave in the general public ” Image: Fraser Marsden


“Do we need to talk?” by Floyd Billows.  Image: Jenny Tranter

architecture student exhibition

“It’s a Trap!” by Elvina Amelia: “Architecture is not that complicated if you think about it. Just come inside and you will see”. Image: Fraser Marsden.

Image: Marsden

“Adult World” (not just porn) by Maya Le Bransky: “…. teetering on the edge of both “porn world” and “kids world”, becomes a space for progressive creativity without intellectual judgement – a space where adults can be smarter kids“.    Image: Fraser Marsden

The exhibits evoked a wide range of responses in this viewer from discomfort to a sense of embrace, and push-pull thoughts of ‘should I touch, or shouldn’t I?’ The way space and materials are manipulated has a strong impact on mind and body.

edwards moore architecture exhibition


Struggling to pass through a wall of movable panels and rubber strips was claustrophobic and uncomfortable, while a serene blue wall with words falling down its surface, and glazed with syrup, provoked the question: Is this architecture too?

Standing close to it, I was suddenly overtaken by the smell of pancakes and maple syrup. On opening night it reportedly attracted a swarm of students keen to smell, touch, and taste. Lickable walls, indeed.

RMIT art exhibition

“Life is a struggle” by Boby Subagyo Putro: “Most people will think that Architecture is just a job only about design and most people think it is an easy job, however they never think about the struggle that the Architect had to face during the process“. Image: Fraser Marsden

architecture exhibition

“Imagine” by Benjamin Sy: “Concepts and ideas hold no meaning without inhabiting….A house is not a house until you live in it“. Image: Fraser Marsden

The exhibition, ‘A space for the promotion of architecture’, was a studio run by RMIT in conjunction with Edwards Moore and the artist Arash as part of the Bachelor of Architectural design. 

Creative Team: Boby Subagyo Putro, Samak Sangi, Sarah Lucas, Maya Le Bransky, Rose MacMahon, Floyd Billows, Benjamin Sy, Phoebe Wong, Elvina Amelia, Freya Solomon, Chelsea Tomasin, Oskar Heslyk.



  • Ruth Archer says:

    What a great show! Such an inspiration to see our future architects present their ideas and help dispel the stereotype that all architects are wankers, wear black, only produce high density “units” ad nauseam, and are really “accountants” in disguise. Joking of course! Can this “space for the promotion of architecture” be replicated across Australia? Why not! Lets get out of this ridiculous rut of dusty museums and poncy art galleries, broaden the presentation of new ideas and innovation, expand the forum for discussion, breakdown the walls of these cloistered (Govt funded) institutions and give the community the opportunity to engage with a creative thinking, confront new and help develop great ideas? Just go for it . . . Cheers Ruth

  • Matthew Liu says:

    Vry good, I like this one.

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