Timber blocks by Mokuroku

I have always been impressed by the myriad of lego designs that keep coming out. Whilst being made from plastic doesn’t quite put them in the “eco design” category, it certainly is one toy that children keep on playing with year after year, and gets handed on to others ~ and in my household I can attest that a number of 30 and 40 year old male don’t need any prompting to sit down and “help” put a number of structures together either!  Today I spotted a new lego design, and it doesn’t involve the latest movie or emergency services theme! This time, Japanese design brand Mokuroku have come up with a timber version! 

Wooden Lego, eco toys, Mokuroku

Coming in 50 piece sets, you can dream up your own little design piece (44 blocks make up the tree below). Alternatively, mix them throughout regular lego as they are compatible!

Wooden Lego, eco toys, Mokuroku

I am seriously tempted to purchase this timber block set. I just have to work out first how to keep my kids and husband’s hands off them!

~~ Mokuroku ~~


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