Warm up with a hottie by Gaye Abandon

Upcycled felted sweater hotties

Today’s eco design find is totally inspired by the current weather down here in Melbourne.  Today the wind blew strong and the rain fell hard – it came straight down, diagonally and sideways – umbrella’s blew inside out,  my good old boot sprung a leak, and there was many a hot cuppa to be had trying to warm up from the inside out! SO, when I laid eyes on these cute hot water bottle sleeves by Gaye Abandon, it was with more than a touch of envy.  Made from felted up cycled sweaters, I could just cuddle up with one RIGHT NOW!

Gaye Abandon is showcasing their wares this weekend at [email protected], or you can also buy them online.

Hot Water Bottle Covers $47

by Gaye Abandon

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