World first: Print on demand news stand magazines

Technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, and often associated with producing plastic based products that soon contribute to landfill as they are superseded with new fancy gadgets.  But today we are sharing a brand new fancy gadget of sorts, that lessens the impact on landfill and may well change the future of print magazines.  Swedish based MegaNews Magazines has collaborated with Japanese Ricoh to invent the worlds first automatic news stand, printing magazines on demand in just two minutes.

on demand magazine


The raison d’etre behind this newstand is twofold – At its core, the economic benefits for publishers and new stand outlets is clear in the increased revenue they will receive by not printing or purchasing excess stock.  But the environmental benefits are nothing to be sneezed at either. Swedish research institute Innventia were contracted to conduct a lifecycle assessment of traditional magazine production. Their study showed that approximately 40% of every print magazines title produced remains unsold and ends up in recycling.  A true waste of paper! They also found magazines printed via the on demand kiosk, would produce 60% lower emissions of fossil greenhouse gases during the lifecycle of the magazine, compared to traditional printing processes.


You can try out this new technology at Meganews first outlet in Mood, Stockholm, where it is on trial for six months. It is estimated your magazine will take just two minutes to print – you could stand in a news stand queue longer than that! The potential application of this news stand innovation across the globe is huge –  What do you think? Do you like this idea?Would you purchase a magazine from a print on demand kiosk? Let us know in the comments field below!


~~ Meganews Magazines, Sweden ~~


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